I love the Tea Party! (of wedgewood court)

The 4th annual Leight-Aadland Tea Party that is… (My Ayn Rand phase, though enthusiastic, lasted only long enough for me to recognize institutional inequities and the fallacy of the 100% rational actor, right around the time I turned 20… but I digress).

This bunch has spent time almost every day playing dress up, harvesting my garden, snuggling the latest bunny batch, climbing trees, and dashing through sprinklers. More than a few water balloons have been lobbed. Uncountable boxes of Popsicles have been consumed. It’s quite a sight to see them race around Wedgewood Court, a bicycle brigade always interrupted by a few loaded strollers, and a push toy or two.

My girls donned and discarded costumes repeatedly before I even found my camera (medusa, a roller skating baby sitter, a fairy princess, and supergirl)!

Max camped out by the big boys, fascinated by their complete lack of pink or sparkles!


Clearly, my own kids wouldn’t stop snacking long enough for a photo op…. but still, what a bunch of cuties.

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