Last Hoorah!

Yesterday, we were a family on a mission.

To maximize the last day of summer. The last non-school-night.

All five of us agree…. we rocked it!

After stocking up on energy reserves at IHOP, we headed into the wilderness.The hike at Afton proved just how strong, adventurous, and boundary waters ready the girls are. The hiked. And hiked. And hiked. We went four-ish miles, many of them on, um, blazoned trails.  We found fascinating bugs and fungi and a beaver dam and an amazing lo moth caterpillar.

The day ended back at home, but even that had an interesting new twist. It was backyard campout day! Joe and the girls slept in the tent, a small concession to the wish we all shared: why didn’t we bring our camping stuff to Afton?

This little family is totally ready for more frequent camping excursions. These kids are some fun wilderness companions!

We ditched the paved trails as quickly as we could, following Elle’s lead into rougher terrain.

Maya and her fuzzy bear caterpillar… named Fuzzy. And her enormous grasshopper, Harold. They accompanied us nearly the whole trip.

My buddy. We had to talk a lot about the buddy system and staying together to keep this energetic little explorer from blazing trails too far ahead.

The road not taken. Nothing is quite as rewarding.

And no groomed trail leads to such interesting discoveries!

For just a moment, we felt as though we discovered a private beech. We were true adventurers!

And all of that was in the first of four hiking hours!

At one point we collapsed for lunch. Right on the trail.

We didn’t photo-document the rest of the day (your welcome). A swim at our favorite pool took up much of the afternoon. Then we enjoyed a camping-style meal around the fire.

3 thoughts on “Last Hoorah!

  1. What a fantastic day!!! I love all these pics, and of the last few posts; such terrific adventures for your family. IN years to come, the kids will look back on these snapshots, recalling the memories, priceless, precious moments that knit all of you together. A wonderful way to end the summer, and thank you so much for sharing… :)))

  2. I'll bring the kleenex!

    Seriously, we've had a great summer haven't we 🙂 We had hoped to lure you guys over for the fire, but the kids were SOOOoo beat. They were asleep almost before they chewed up the smores!

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