A Birthday Week

Once upon a time (pre-kids), a birthday week  seemed extravagant. Each day was a celebration.

Now, it seems tricky to contain birthdays to a single week. This week Elle turns 5! And, oooh, what a week it is turning out to be!

We’ve had birthday muffin breakfasts. She’s been the Very Important Kid all week at school. We signed her up for a bonus day of preschool at the local art park with two of her best buddies.

They relocated the trampoline for a dance party on the deck!

Then today, all three of her favorite little people came over for a birthday week party. Up next? A special, Unk party in the morning. Then we’re off on a camping trip, complete with the birthday girl’s favorite treats and some new gear.

Her gal pals share her taste in footwear!

Sunday, her actual birthday, will be the grand finale.

Friends since birth (or pretty close!)

And then Little Miss will officially be a big five-year-old!

My birthday girl brimming with joy!

One thought on “A Birthday Week

  1. Five? FIVE? Oh my goodness, where has the time gone? Five is a lovely age, and she's a beautiful girl with such great spirits. What a wonderful year you all will have, not to mention a pretty fantastic week. :)))

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