All Stop and Go

 Perhaps you’ve noticed the many hikes, camping trips, and park walks that have filled our fall. We’ve spent more time aimlessly exploring outside in the last two months than I could have hoped for.

It has been bliss.

Except for one problem. To accomplish all of this meandering, our time at home has been a dervish of duties. The meal prep/cleanup/laundry/menial chore rotation that  never ends in any home, but is especially cumbersome when three people are home for every meal.

Add in the small bit of work I do (during the ever-dwindling napping hours), plus general kinks in the daily schedule caused by teething or an amazing, impromptu project directed by Little Miss I-Have-a-Plan…..

Needless to say, pausing for breath, much less a bit of meditation, has been challenging.

Thank goodness for a bit of a fall break this weekend. Thank goodness for family.

Now, off to reset the house, the calendar, and get a little actual work done while Max sings songs to his blocks.

Can we keep him?

Come out, come out, whoever you are?

Coffee? For me?

Vanilla steamers are amazing!


Mom, why did you put this squash thingy on my plate? There’s soup in it…. hmmmm….?

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