Book bugs


 Mere weeks ago, Maxwell was impatient with books, often chucking them at me whenever I tried to read. I persisted in part because I love books, in part because it has been the cornerstone of our family bedtime ritual since Maya was days old.

Once again, parental persistence wins out. He’s a reader. He’s more attached to Mem Fox’s “Whoever you are,” and the book “Little Blue Truck” than to any blanket or animal in the house. Now he spends much of his day stalking me with a book in hand and waiting for a lap to appear.

Meanwhile, Elle is working her own picture books: the latest is titled “Super Elliot Saves the Day.” It’s a compelling read!

Then there is Maya, a budding poet, a compulsive thank you note writer, and the most popular big sister in history. She always takes time to read to Elle and Max in the car or between dance parties. 

As I approach 18,000 on my annual word race in November, I’m so happy to see these book bugs are just as enthusiastic!

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