Pros and Cons

So my Nano novel was completely abandoned at the half-way mark.

This is the first time since 2008 that I didn’t dash off 50,000 words of (mostly incomprehensible) creative indulgence. This was also the first time that the guts of the story seemed to really come together on their own, so I’m sure I’ll return to those 25,000 words-in-waiting next year.

Why the postponement?

House hunting. Maybe. No. I don’t know. I have to go make my pros/cons list.

The fact is, we have talked about getting more space, more land…. more quiet… for years. We have found an area with a reasonable commute for Joe, lots of forest, and a thriving community. Do we take the plunge?

The question boils down to this:
Are we city people who head into the country for weekend camping trips now and then.
Do we track down our Walden and live in the country (though much less rural than our hometown), only heading into the city now and then.

These two sides of myself are warring over this decision, leaving little room for other creative thoughts. But a little more space, inside and out, the possibility of a rooster in the chicken coop and maybe even a goat…. these things have been on my mind for years.

So if Inklings is suspiciously quiet, know my words are being funneled into a mega pros and cons list. My internet time is spent researching schools and searching for Walden.

And in between, we enjoy each moment.

One thought on “Pros and Cons

  1. Most of our years in England were spent in quiet, rural villages, and while we had no livestock of our own, sheep, chickens, and cows were only steps away. It was a fantastic place to raise children, and York and Leeds were just twenty to thirty minutes by car, the perfect distance for getting to the city, but high-tailing it right back home.

    Looking forward to hearing what occurs, and about that novel too. :)))

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