Maybe there is something to that whole seven year itch concept.

I’m not referencing Joe, of course. We are nearing 12 years of marriage, and in 2014, we will have been more or less attached to each other for twenty.

Maybe all that stability makes it easier for us to make a big change on another front.

After 7 years on Wedgewood Court, our big talk about hobby farms is turning into a major resolution. No joke. As I type, I sit amid stacks of boxes.

Two consecutive June’s I have taken photos of the yard at the height of its summer beauty…. Thinking we would be selling it soon.

At least once each year, usually while driving across the prairie from our South Dakota homes, one or the other of us has wistfully tossed out an “if only.”

If only we had a little more space, we could get the kids a pony/dog/goat/peacock/rooster.

If only we could just live in the woods, Walden style, and watch a sunset/take a walk/build a tree fort uninterrupted by city noise and bustle.

If only our little flock of long-legged kids had a room just to run/dance/bounce in during the long dark winter evenings when this house shrinks daily.

For years, we’ve nudged these thoughts down. We love the city. We love the great restaurants. We love Joe’s relatively short commute. We aspire to one day attend live music or comedy on a semi-regular basis.

But maybe seven really is the magic number of discontent. Our minor annoyances with our current setup have joined forces with our list of “if only.” Together, they have urged us to keep talking about this idea that just won’t fade away.

We recently looked at a couple of places. Just for fun. Joe discovered a commute via light rail that is only marginally longer than his current route. We researched schools and communities, coffee shops and parks.The area we are eying is still within striking distance of the great downtown city life.

We asked the kids, expecting push-back and panic. Instead, both girls offered up their pocket money to help with the moving expenses. They’re saving all their Christmas money for a pony, no joke. I had to assure Maya’s teacher that we weren’t leaving this week!

In 2013 we really have one resolution: to find some room, one part Walden, one part the farm from Charlotte’s Web. This may sound grand, but we’ve seen these homes. They exist, only about forty minutes from where I sit. They aren’t really in the country, not by the standards of my childhood, but they capture they essence of it. They offer the flexibility to dream and tinker to our hearts desire, while still dabbling in the city life.

This is one New Year’s Resolution that we’ll surely keep. The search for Wilbur’s Walden (hmmm, still thinking of a name, I’m terrible with titles!) will begin in earnest right around mid-February when our home hits the market.

I’ll keep you posted as I, in the words of one wise friend, follow my bliss.

In the meantime, if you know anyone who wants an urban farmer’s paradise in the Moundsview school district, send them my way!

One thought on “Resolved

  1. Oh I am so pleased for you all! I treasure our second British house, in a small village, backing up to wide fields full of sheep and cows, but not far from civilization. Thinking blissful Wilbur's Walden thoughts for you all!!

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