Cold Morning Craftiness

In one sense, there is never a slow start to our days. I’m now well-trained in the art of waking from REM sleep and moving directly into the mode of keep-Max-from-spraying-down-the-kitchen-with-the-sink-hose. The next thing I know, we’re crafting in the kitchen and warding off the chill morning air with cups of tea or coffee.Then there is lunch to pack, breakfast to serve, and a kitchen to reset.

Of course, in a more honest sense, our winter mornings move at a luxuriously slow pace. When you’re up at 6, the bus pick up at 8 is pretty far off. Three-fifths of us don’t have to be anywhere until the afternoon. Pajamas can stay on indefinitely for the younger crew.

Packing, cleaning, and painting, have made this January move faster than any other. But our mornings have been perfect.

Elle’s reading workbook… home schooling in her jammies. Kindergarten will be an abrupt shift from this bonus year.

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