From Wedgwood Court with Love

A riot of pink greets visitors here for the next week or two. Valentine’s Day is coming, along with two card-making parties and two long-anticipated visitors – Itsy and Pink, our love bugs. Remember those magical little creatures that mysteriously leave love notes and compliments for the kids? For almost a month, the girls have been decorating their doll house in preparation for their guests. We may not do elf on a shelf… but I am not above inventing a tradition of magic and wonder. Especially in the dead of winter when we need something magical to brighten the days.

The shirt reads: Handsome Devil – Valentine’s Heartbreaker

Yes… she always wears this tutu. I can’t help it.

Valentine’s Day is, in my opinion, better than Christmas. Especially since I’ve gone out of my way to create traditions that broaden gifts of love beyond the romantic. This year, each girl has invited a few friends over to make cards for nursing home residents and their staff.

They couldn’t resist the new craft supplies last night, so both girls made a few cards to get the party started early. It’s a good thing too. They’ll have to enjoy the markers and glitter glue while they last. The new carpet will be put in the day after the last Valentine’s party, and from then on, we’ll be in “keep it clean” mode, as we get ready to sell!

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