Dribs & Drabs

A stream of consciousness requires more sleep and fewer things to think about than I’ve had lately. So I can’t even open the floodgates here and let the stream of busy thoughts wash the day’s tension away.  

Instead, I’ll offer dribs and drabs of the last few days.


In the age of user reviews and online comparative shopping, we have been spoiled. We honestly both assumed resolving to reinvent our lifestyle would be the greatest challenge. Sure, prepping and selling a house is a lot of work, but in the chaos of family life, what’s one more project, really?

We didn’t expect how tricky it would be to shop for a home. We know what we want. Shouldn’t it just be waiting somewhere, more or less in our price range, waiting for our offer? Ha.

We made the trek out to Elk River on Saturday, hoping to get a feel for the area and see a few places. We could only find two worth looking at. One was beautiful… but it was all Walden and none of Charlotte’s Web. Nothing would grow under that lovely tree canopy.

The other place was so perfect, on-line. Expansive acres of woodlands and grazing fields, a lovely barn, and a 100 year old home that had been newly renovated top to bottom, including a massive deck overlooking a beautiful pond. The stone facade and the unique lay out was so different from the many newly built homes we’ve seen. It had so much character.  But…. Apparently, no amount of renovations can eliminate 100 years of indoor smoking. We all needed showers after our tour! And the view was lovely, except for the nuclear power plant dominating the horizon. I kid you not, it was a Simpson’s episode in the making!

The hunt is on, but it may take a while.


We’ve burned through six cans of paint in a month, four of them a warm, inviting, and universally-appealing beige. I’ve lost count of the rolls of blue painters tape we’ve exhausted. Only two rooms to paint and we’ll have eliminated the extensive wear and tear three crafty kids have on a home. Also, anything extra has disappeared into a storage pod, and I’m beginning to wonder if I need any of it back.

Except, of course, for the odd item  we suddenly want back each dayh. Waffle maker. Halloween costume. Easel.


Science fairs, Valentine’s Parties, Big Hearted book clubs, and pen pals. That’s Maya.

Valentine’s concert preparation, learning to read, pushing boundaries, and teaching her little brother to be a fun playmate. That’s Elliot.

Pushing chairs to the kitchen sink to make a splash, jumping on his trampoline while Elle bounces on  her bed,  giggling charmingly while he plays hide and seek, throwing things – all things, and dissolving into ear-splitting wails and forceful kung fu moves if he’s drug out on a routine errand. That’s Max.

Phew. Busy days. Full days. I never knew how much could fit in a single day!

One thought on “Dribs & Drabs

  1. When you said smoking, I shuddered. So much damage inside and outside of bodies. The nuclear power plant was an intriguing touch too. :)))

    I so appreciate all your hard house-hunting work, because I know the right place for you all is out there, and I can't wait to see pictures! In the meantime, I send you peaceful vibes…

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