Funny Feet

I’ll share a photo tomorrow, I swear.

Until then, picture this. Little Miss needed a mani-pedi in the worst way. She was beginning to resemble wolverine. With every nail trim, I offer a little her choice of polish. This tradition has been going on for years and years. Always, she chooses her favorite color: “RAINBOW!”

Today, for the first time, I tried accomplishing this while Max was awake. He needed a trim too, and I had a little time between preparing 12 crock pot freezer meals to sustain us while we’re showing the house and rushing Elle off to preschool.

Of course, when he saw Elle get a coat of polish. He demanded one too. No problem, I dabbed a little green on his big toe too. Then blue. Before long, both of them were wiggling their rainbow toes and grinning at each other.

Wait, that’s not the funny part. Any boy with a big sister has sported nail polish (UNK!) at one time or another.

The funny bit came later, when I tried to take Elle to preschool. There she sat in the car, all ready to go. Meanwhile, I couldn’t figure out why Max was hysterically opposed to his shoes.

He kept crying and pulling off his socks, saying “ow, ow, ow.”

Finally, Elle came in to check on us. She told me, “He just wants to see his rainbow toes.”

She knows him like he’s her twin. She knows him better than I do, I swear. Off we went to preschool, his socks in  my pocket and his toes wiggling all the while.

Even now, he sleeps up stairs in sweatpants and a long-sleeved shirt. The footy pajamas just weren’t going to happen. He took one look at those feet and tried to unzip himself!

What colorful kids I have. There is never a dull day.

One thought on “Funny Feet

  1. I am so happy that my children are not the only ones that end up looking like they may belong to a pack of wolverines every now and then! J-man hasn't sported the polish on his toes, yet. Although he has wined about it while Koryn got hers painted once or twice…just might have to try this, Sarah!

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