A Life of Questions…. or THE Talk

These days, stretching to weeks, and now months, are so filled with questions.

Where are we going? Though that is nearly answered. We have found 20 acres near Taylors Falls, Minnesota, that combines 10 acres of woods with 10 acres of soon-to-be pasture, gardens, and a few animals.It’s Charlotte’s Walden, or as close as anything we’ve seen.

Will it be worth all of the work? Will the upheaval for the children be outweighed by the next 18 years spent wandering our woods and exploring our new town? Is all of this work and turmoil worth it? Will we be happy there? Will the kids find their niche? Will we? And how hard is it to plant a pasture? milk a goat? or start a bee colony?

Grand scale questions like these rattle through my head daily. They’re punctuated by a tumultuous mass of less grand questions? What will we have for dinner? Will it smell up the house for potential viewers of our current home?

And, for goodness sake, will Wedgewood Court sell? Before I run out of all the handy dandy cleaning supplies I bought? (Also, I’m ashamed to admit, the commercial cleaning stuff is remarkably convenient!)

In the midst of it all, the kids continue to grow and change as always.

Max is awakening to the English language! His favorite words: yellow, go (while carrying his coat to the door), shoe, and of course, no, no, no, no.

Elliot is my reader, my bouncy dancer, and lately, my little helper, though she never fails to remind me, “Mom, this whole moving thing was your idea. You finish cleaning. I want to watch My Little Pony.

And my Maya.

She’s nearly eight. She’s full of wise words, generous assistance, and no small amount of sass and vinegar  It’s an admirable combination. She is both kind and assertive. It’s wonderful.

And what is her big question, speaking of questions?

“Mom, what is sexy?” She asked this after I tucked both her and Elle into their pink and green froggy quilts. I had just read them a couple of picture books because I was too tired for a chapter book that night.

“Um, beautiful.” I approximated, automatically blaming that stupid Gangnam Style song.

Then she upped the stakes. “Okay, but what is sex?”

Gulp. I had always envisioned THE TALK happening when we’re alone in the kitchen, probably drinking tea or hot chocolate. I’d be totally open and honest and informative; she’d be inquisitive, but would quickly move on to talk about whatever book she’s reading.

Nope, it was the end of a long, long day. Her five-year-old sister was listening with rapt attention. And I was out of thoughtful explanations. Just totally speechless.


Surprisingly, she interrupted my stutters. “Mom, I already know.”


“Yeah, my friend told me. It’s when a man and a woman get naked and,” she switched to a whisper, “and touch stuff.”

What was my motherly response, you might wonder? It was exactly the same as Elliot’s. I giggled. “Well, actually, that’s about right,” I finally mustered. Then I explained that I would answer any questions she had away from little siblings ears.

“Okay  mom, but, just one more question tonight. WHY, why would anyone ever do that?” She was horrified, grossed out, totally shocked… I remember the feeling.

“Well, that’s how babies are made.”

“What! You mean ALL parents are disgusting. ALL parents EVERYWHERE have done sex?”

With that, she rolled over switched off her light, snuggled under the covers with her fluffy stuffed kitty, and went to sleep.

I, on the other hand, am not sleeping quite so well. There are just a few too many questions floating around in my head. And more and more of them are about “doing sex.” What an unpredictable life!

2 thoughts on “A Life of Questions…. or THE Talk

  1. WOW is the word that comes to mind as I sit with wider-than-wide eyes right now! I was going to comment that Mom had shown me the photos of your soon-to-be new home and my resounding answer to all of those questions is a big “YES!!” It is amazingly beautiful and I'm so happy for you guys…as if your gardening skills weren't already great, they are about the move to extraordinary!
    Then, I read the last part of the post on Miss Maya…great response in the situation we all dread! ps…I may send my kids to you when they start asking me those questions 😉

  2. Oh. My. GOODNESS!! I laughed SO HARD, so hard! I'm still laughing!

    Sorry Sarah, but man oh man, when kids are priceless, they are really priceless!!

    I don't know what's funnier, that she asked, that she asked in front of Elliot, that she asked again, or that she was absolutely horrified.

    It still makes me giggle. :)))

    Ahem (chuckle chuckle), moving on, I LOVE your new house! So cool, in so many ways. I think it will be wonderful for the kids to romp and roam, I know ours loved having a cow-sheep pasture backed up to our second England home, then an enormous cricket pitch at the third one. In this techie world, kids needs space, nature, and quiet more than ever before. My fingers are crossed for all to fall into place.

    And that someday, far far away, you, Maya, and Elliot might giggle together over this conversation. You and Joe are building such a wonderfully supportive place for all three kids to thrive. I love reading your journeys!

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