A Breath in the New Surroundings

All of our industrious activity of the last few months (5 months!) led us to one spectacular break in the action this weekend.

We bought the house on Friday. The farm.  Well, it’s more of a farm-to-be. It is many things “to-be” and we loved every minute of our brief weekend break there.

An April snow storm… at least it made “tracking” a little easier.

Maya and I returning from our tour of the woods.
visiting Schoony’s Malt & Pizza Shop as local residents rather than day hikers

Maya, monkey-ing around while enjoying monkey bread

We discovered features that we hadn’t even noticed earlier. Maya and I tromped through our woods until our legs were tired (lets not forget the foot of snow that fell on Thursday!) The girls tracked deer and turkey prints through our cornfield.

Unfortunately, our furniture remains trapped at Wedgewood Court, prettying up the place for that one lovely buyer still out there looking for it.

And at the risk of sounding whiny when my “problems” are so obviously minor, it’s a good thing Joe and I aren’t superstitious. The last month would have us convinced that the universe was conspiring against us. Between our poor kitty having a heart attack at the vet, one odd thing after another threatening to delay the purchase of our dream home, one snow storm after another dulling the charm of Wedgewood Court, and recently, an endless string of illnesses (pneumonia, influenza, and now some sort of stomach bug as we start week three) taking out each member of the household…… Plus the POD people are holding about half of our worldly belongings hostage….


It’s a good thing I love the place. And one day, the rest of these details will just be “something we once dealt with.” They will be past. Change nothing, everything changes.

I can’t wait to get back up there Saturday!

Max discovered a love for “hide and seek” – good thing he’s noisy

inspecting the “back 40” where corn was previously planted….. the post marks our lot line… good to know as we prepare to restore some prairie and pasture ground

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