In a Nutshell

Yesterday provided a perfect snapshot of the whole buying-the-dream-home and selling-the-home-we-had-our-babies-in process almost perfectly.

It was messy and chaotic, but successful. There were moments of great celebration, and moments that felt a lot like banging your head against a wall. And of course, there were a few tears.
The rainy morning inspired me to take on the drawers and closets and toy bins in preparation for our move. These dark corners were exploding with toys and random bits hidden away before the 38 showings we’ve had. 
It didn’t take long for the house to look like this:
At noon we got a request for one more showing. Even though we were waiting to hear back from potential buyers, we really couldn’t say no.
So I worked like mad to get it looking, once again, like this…. without filling all the drawers and toy bins back up again.
As we left the house, lights on, counter-tops smelling of Ms. Meyers Geranium cleaning spray, we got the call. We had a deal! The house was sold “pending inspection!” So more or less, we are finished staging. And soon we’ll be done with two mortgages!
What does my family do to celebrate? Well, first we eat something yummy. Then, obviously, we dance!
Two minutes into the dance party, Max spun, tumbled, and gashed his head into the brick.

For 7.5 years we’ve kept that lovely fireplace covered with old sleeping bags, guarding our kids against falls. We had just begun to feel a little silly about all that caution.

Last night our biggest safety concern in the old house became a reality.
Luckily, our awesome friend and trusted sitter was home (for her birthday!), so Joe and I were able to make Max’s urgent care experience pretty distracting. He never cried , even as his cool new friend (his nurse) strapped him to a strange board and tied his arms into a bear hug. 
He simply grinned and growled, lion style! The one eye still peeking out from under the “clean surgical field” watched carefully when the doctor stitched him up, but much to the shock of the nurse, the doctor, and us, he didn’t shed a tear.
So there it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The complete emotional gambit covered in a single day, the we sold Wedgewood Court.

One thought on “In a Nutshell

  1. When our son was three, he started wearing glasses. At four, he was scheduled for eye surgery, to correct crossed-eyes. The week before the surgery he tumbled down a few stairs (thankfully we had a split-level then, only six at a time), requiring stitches due to those glasses tearing a gash into his head. But like you, we also had a brick fireplace, and I always worried about it. Sometimes accidents happen, no matter how well prepared we are.

    His surgery was postponed until those stitches were removed, then his eyes were corrected without a hitch. I never see the scar from that tumble, although my youngest still sports a rather large chicken pox mark on her forehead from right before we moved to Britain! Oh the variety of memories you are making that will stay with you for the rest of your life. :)))

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