Putting Down Roots

We’ve lived here four days.

It’s shocking what we’ve accomplished. We’ve unpacked boxes (perhaps 30%…. though another 10% still have to be packed up at the old place). I’ve reminded myself of my cooking skills after months keeping the kitchen “show ready.” Hooray for grilled Greek chicken in pita wraps with tzatiki!

The tomatoes are planted. So is the rhubarb. More importantly, the lawn has been mowed – more or less – for the week. The rest of the garden will happen tomorrow.

And today, I met a wonderful group of small scale farming ladies through a Women, Food and Agriculture Network event. I’m inspired. I’m a little more educated. And I feel a bit more connected to this new little area that will eventually feel like home.

I even got to tour a local cheese factory, now on its third generation of family ownership. Who knew I was pronouncing gouda wrong all these years?  Thanks for the lesson Eichtens Cheese & Bison.

The five year plan for this place is beginning to take shape. So exciting!

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