So this friend of mine… yeah, yeah a friend. She means well, but boy can she be an air head.

Like this one time, when she was getting ready to move, she was all worried about her waffle maker. The last time she moved, she lost it somewhere in the mile between the old house and the new. This time around she was determined not to repeat that mistake.

Ceremoniously, she drug out the waffle maker the day before packing started in earnest. She fed her family a delicious batch of fluffy waffles, yummy, real maple syrup.

It was a delightful send off for the waffle maker. Afterward, it was promptly packed.

Months later she unpacked it, extremely proud to have relocated the rarely used treasure.

Then she opened it up to discover….. a months-old waffle still sitting in the hastily packed machine.

Oops. That about sums up the organization level around here… er… her!

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