The Center

Ever notice how oblivious you were to a tough slog until it’s over. Sure you know you’ve been working hard, but then one sunny afternoon you suddenly realize how relaxed and happy… how centered you are. How long has it been since life’s been in balance?

The chicken ladies have broken into two gangs of four. Our original four travel in a (well-fed and feathered) pack,. They  bravely (too bravely!) venture all over the yard, seeking shade and beetles under our only established bushes, and lazily dodging Max. The new four, young bantams that they are, shelter near the coop and flutter away when we come near.


Wee need a name for the woods…. the 10 acre woods just doesn’t sound that great!

This weekend, our family finally regained its center.

It’s been nearly 8 months since we’ve been this relaxed. Since last fall when we first contemplated moving, our family life has been in near continuous upheaval. It was November,. I know, because the dizzying possibility of relocation completely derailed the 26,000 word progress I had made toward National Novel Writing Month 2012.

This past weekend was the first in several months where we haven’t had a major moving task to accomplish. No showings to clean for, no trailers to load, no coops to build. Sure we kept busy with the regular work of family life, but we also escaped for a date night (Brandi Carlisle and the Avett Brothers!!!), our first full-family movie theater experience (Monsters University), and a leisurely morning at the local library and farmers market.

My new favorite… in case my little brother asks.

I still can’t believe Lonnie and Joe were able to move the playhouse!

Though the moving-related work remains unfinished (the garage is FULL of goodies to unpack and we don’t close on Wedgewood Court for a couple more weeks), it finally feels as though there might be room for other ideas and occupations once again. I plan to pack the rest of the summer with as much yoga, as many novels, and enough campfires to make up for the dizzying off-kilter existence of the last two seasons.

Snake catcher extraordinaire. 

Maya’s monster puppet from the puppet making event at the St. Croix Falls Library. Who knew we could move to the country and still have access to amazing art, nature, and literary events just as good as the ones at Silverwood. 

One of our chicken eggs compared with a duck egg from the market. We had an Egg-speriment breakfast. The kids thought the duck eggs tasted a little different, but they made amazing deviled eggs!

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