This puppy. How did we ever manage without a puppy? She’s a furry ball of energy, shadowing our every move. She’s a constant source of entertainment, and her whole body shivers in greeting when we come outside.

Yes, she’s an outside dog. The slick kennel in our garage, plus many acres to run, made it reasonable to bring home a St. Bernard/Golden Retreiver puppy.

And on those days when my three children choose to protest everything I feed them, Scout’s always thrilled to be fed. Though she does break the rules with the same consistency and delight as Elle and Max!

She’s growing quickly. This photo from last week already looks small.
Here’s her first bath, given not because she got into something but because exuberent kids making mud pies got her dirty.

She already has a favorite toy, though she seems to want to teeth on the back steps…. I’ll have to curb that!

 The kids are great with her. I think Elle has waited her whole life for a dog. Though Scout seems to recognize that Maya is the one of her caretakers while Elle is more of a playmate. Lately she’s treated Max like a plaything, which just isn’t working. One minute they’re playing ball, the next minute, Scout has a bite of his pants – just like that sunscreen bottle image. (no pictures of that, as I quickly intervened!)
Watch for more frequent posts. I’m still trying to get into the groove at the new place. Now, between the puppy and the new rooster, it’s starting to feel a little more like a “farm,” and there is always a little more to get done!

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