The Big Show

What girl wouldn’t fall in love with horses during a week of horse camp? Well, actually, I’ve always been more scared and in awe of horses than in love with them. And a few girls were in tears yesterday, afraid those powerful animals would break into an un-asked-for gallop.

But Maya, she was smitten. After spending her first day on gentle Blackjack, she rode Sam the rest of the week. Why? Because Sam is stubborn. And Maya is stubborn and fearless. Sam startled a little girl that first day, and the camp leaders had faith that Maya could keep him in line.

Yesterday we watched her do just that, and earn a few ribbons besides.

The show was so much fun, full of games in the ring, and a troupe of little girls learning the language and work involved in horses. Ribbons followed and everyone received high praise for their riding.

Unfortunately, we learned that Wild River Stables will no longer offer lessons or camps after this month. Maya was in tears for hours, until a neighbor told us of another stable that may offer some opportunities. Even then, she shed tears for her new friend Sam. Thankfully, he’ll be staying on at the stables, and she has an open invitation to visit with a carrot or two any time. Hank may be surprised when we really do stop by!

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