Dog Days & Horsing Around

Summer is coming to a close. I can tell, not just because there is a pile of yellowed birch leaves on my lawn and not just because the back-to-school shopping glut is firmly behind me. The biggest tip-off isn’t even the cutie pie back-to-school photos popping up all over my Facebook feed, complete with all the energy, enthusiasm, and nostalgia captured in those big smiles and new shoes.

The clearest indication of summer’s end, around here, is the obvious leap all three kids have taken in the past week or so.

Max is wearing big boy pants (occasionally) and using ever more complicated words and phrases. He’s even learning to control his inner hulk – actually stopping himself mid-tantrum a time or two!

Elliot is once again in daily project mode. For most of the summer, she was completely uninterested in any craft whatsoever. This new house is – dare I say it – glitter free!  Or it was, until last week.  And once again, she’s filling up notebook after notebook with her kindergarten spelling, versions of stories and dreams she wants to write down.

And my Maya. She’s playing piano two hours a day now, often dazzlingly fast. She plays songs she’s known for year, her 2 recital pieces, and many that she’s made up. She sits down at the piano immediately after any conversation about school.

She earnestly told me, “I’m nervous about starting a new school. But it’s not happening right now, so I’m just not going to think about it.”  Sage words from a girl who’s never even seen Gone with the Wind. (I”ve always been a fan of Scarlet’s saying: “I can’t think about this now. I’ll think about it tomorrow.” Said, of course, with the back or your wrist pressed against your forehead.)

More than ever, she’s leading her brother and sister in a game of school – regular, or a unique horsey version that has taken up our entire (recently unpacked) garage.

As the days slip by, it’s hard not to wish for an extension.

This summer was something of an interlude for us. A holiday. We are just far enough from our old friends, and old routines, that we’ve spent most of the summer as tourists in a new land. The experience has brought us closer together than ever. The girls spend hours playing, inventing whole worlds populated by just the two of them, with not a fight to be heard.

With the start of school will come new friendships and social commitments, all highly anticipated, but also a little scary. Our big moving adventure is coming to a close. Now we stand at the beginning of a new adventure, one where we settle in and become a part of things again.


Yes, this is early morning apple picking wearing unders.


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