Elle rocked her first day of kindergarten. Maya is a happy, charming third grader. Max is a bit startled by his new, quiet surroundings.

We’ve passed a major milestone, not just for the kids, but as a family. This week – this transition to a new school – was my biggest concern before the move. Not the grunt work involved or the challenges of rural living (bobcat population management and buckthorn elimination!)

I worried about the effect of leaving our Wedgewood Court crew, with our wild wait-for-the-bus time twice a day. I worried about plopping so much unknown onto my third grader, who had just become an absolute expert at her old school.

Of course, as so many people assured me, kids are more flexible than we expect. My third grader hasn’t said a single negative thing about her new school, though of course she misses many people from her old stomping grounds. Miss Kindergarten came home with new songs and friends, greeting me when I picked her up with an ardent demand to ride the bus home when she goes back on Friday.

Both of them are eager and enthusiastic when they awake in the morning.

What a relief to enter into this new era with the worry behind me, knowing that I haven’t broken some important element of stability in their little lives. Phew!

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