Wondering Together: Week 2

We’re working on naming this homeschooled, unschooled version of spirit play. All week, both girls and their dad were looking forward to our time yesterday morning. Along with the usual rituals adopted from Unity’s spirit play, we read two wonderful books.

What is God by Etin Boritzer, which is sure to spark a thoughtful conversation with kids. It also provides a great overview of religions and prayer around the world.

Old Turtle by Douglas Wood, which is a wonderful fable for peacemakers and all who ask the question What is God?

Too wet and rainy for mossy tree, we spent the morning with hot beverages in the dining room.

Before we got started, I asked everyone to share what image popped into their heads when I asked the question. What is god? Elliot responded quickly with “trees and the forest and rocks and rivers and the spirit of everything.” Maya added, “Sometimes it can be a man, sometimes I think of the sky.”

Elliot’s rainbow spirit.

Maya’s creation.

We also looked at images people around the world use to think about god, from Buddha and Jesus to still lakes, mountains, and nebulae. While we read, I invited the kids to draw their own images. This was the perfect activity to keep their hands busy during a long story. They both listened, and offered so many thoughtful questions and ideas of their own.

Max got the idea in his universe pajamas!

When we finished, Elliot decided we needed a craft to go along with the day, so we built god’s eyes for a while and continued the conversation with coffee and hot peppermint tea. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning before heading to a local apple festival.

The girls at the apple festival, before the petting zoo, the apple pie, the brats, and the face painting.

Max and Scout (and Joe)… Scout was so well-behaved, and everybody’s favorite dog at the festival.

We love our state park experts! Collecting wild flower seeds for spring.

Bugs Bunny in the Almelund Log Barn Cinema.

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