Winding Trails and Writing Dangerously

I don’t think I’ve ever let my little corner of the internet languish so much! I’d show you my list app and all of its completed “to dos” piling chaotically in my wake, but that would make for drab reading. All of the usual culprits are (deservedly) monopolizing my free time: exciting new projects over at Big Hearted Families, supporting the girls and their teachers at school, convincing Max that Elmo unders are the best things EVER. Plus planning our Halloween trick-or-treat route took more time than I expected. Living in the country makes it a little more work to plan a fun evening.

I’m also spending an enormous amount of physical and emotional energy, with Joe at my side, forging our first real trail in the woods. Meandering from one natural landmark to the next, this trail gives us access to the far reaches of the property. Even with my terrible sense of direction, I can no longer get lost in there!

Then there is National Novel Writing month, which is fast approaching. Last year’s wanderlust interrupted my Nanowrimo efforts with house hunting and laborious decision making. With that all behind me, I’m planning a more successful attempt this year.

There is nothing quite like escaping into my own imagination in spite of piles of work, renovation projects, and an upcoming holiday to host. I’m grateful for a family that humors me in this endeavor. And for Maya, who says she starting her own novel this year!

Of course, the best part of Nanowrimo is the contrast it builds. After spending a month writing in every spare moment, stealing weekend time, and neglecting chores, my regular writing schedule won’t seem so intrusive next month.

Guests beware, house keeping beyond the basics is unlikely this month, at least until Thanksgiving. I have a ghost story to write!

One thought on “Winding Trails and Writing Dangerously

  1. The same thing happened to me during last year's NaNoWriMo. Sadly, not due to house hunting, which would be welcomed. To what, I'm not sure.

    Best of luck to you this year! And your puppy is very adorable.

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