Dear fellow parents…

Are you ever tempted to list all that was accomplished in a single day, at work and at home. All the mini-battles fought and won over which mittens to wear and whether the little ones will take 5 more bites of dinner. All the little projects and games begun, abandoned and picked up. All the myriad to-do lists we keep updating and cross checking. Completing a dizzying number of little items only to notice the alarming number of things still waiting on the list for the next day. Or the even more alarming number of items that live on that list each and every day.


Do you ever want to make a list before the memory of all that chaos evaporates, share it with everyone, and say…. THIS was a day.

Well, if you do, I hear ya. If it weren’t for Nano and my lagging word count, I’d print my list just to bear witness. Feel free to share yours!

Share your thoughts. I'd love to hear them!

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