Did I mention the blaze orange?

In November, we finished blazing our trail. About two thirds of a mile winding in two loops through our small patch of woods. It is very labyrinthine, very meditative. And it is great for getting the creative juices flowing, for running off puppy steam, and for fort construction. 

November is an excellent time in the woods. The cool air makes it more comfortable to wear the long pants and sleeves required to climb and build. The nettle and poison ivy are gone, not to mention the mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, November is also hunting season, which left us newbie woods-owners more than a little uncertain. We took every precaution we could. We surrounded ourselves with no hunting signs. We spoke to the neighbors about our frequent treks through the trees. And all month, we donned our blaze orange.

I have never before kissed a man wearing a blaze orange vest and hat. How adventurous am I?

And the kids loved putting the orange scarf on Scout.

We spent some time each day throughout the month wandering in our woods. Wandering and  whistling and singing and making so much racket there surely wasn’t a deer within ten miles of us!

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