When we brought the girls to the Erickson Brothers Tree Farm, we expected their help in selecting the perfect Christmas tree for the first holiday in our new home.

We did not expect the girls’ first effective sit in.

Very early on in our search, Elliot discovered Godzilla, as she called her. A huge and lovely tree, if you overlook the internal brown bits.

Maya cast her vote for a petite little tree she called Skinny. And while the two of them bickered between their beastly and mousy trees, I discovered the perfect, most beautifully proportioned, large-but-not-frightening tree.

That’s all it took to unite the girls. Maya switched her vote to backup her sister. They sat at the foot of the tree, now named Skinnyzilla, and quietly refused to leave her, brown bits and all.

“But mom, we LOVE her,” they said.

“But mom, just because she isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean she’s isn’t a good tree,” they said.

“But mom, you said we could help pick, this is the ONLY tree we love,” they said.

So home she came.

And aside from a bit of a lean, Skinnyzilla looks wonderful.

In the rare quiet moments at home, I now listen to the soft tinkle of Skinnyzilla’s needles drifting down on the gifts piling up below, but I hear only the laughter of two little girls gleefully making their voices heard.

2 thoughts on “Treehuggers

  1. We've actually made her a tree cocktail (water, corn syrup, and vinegar) guaranteed to keep her happy…. she's just a beast. It will be a good new year's bonfire!

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