The stories we tell matter. They change the way we see others. They change the way we see ourselves. They can help us envision the impossible and make it happen, or they can put us in boxes and keep us trapped.

That is why the idea of self-fulfilling prophecies comes up so often.

We have a tendency to live up to the stories we, and others, tell.

As a parent, then, I have to get better at telling stories about the possible, rather than stories that put my kids in a box. The trouble maker. The emotional one. The hulk. Those stories need to vanish.

Knowing that, I will not tell the story of a spirited little girl that told me, just before getting on the bus today, that she had a boyfriend and kissed him on the bus. She’s young enough that it’s an innocent sort of problem to have. I will not let it tell her future.


So I’ll just keep calm and tell a better story.

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