Disney Dreams

Procrastination is getting me nowhere. My original plan was to organize my trip pictures from our multi-generational girl-power trip to Orlando into a time-stopping narrative.

But one thing inevitably leads to another. I’m astonished that more than a month has gone by.  While waiting for the time and energy to create the perfect trip post, we’ve started three farm-ish projects, two science experiments, and had several whole family adventures worth sharing… It’s time I forge ahead.

The great freeze of Everyday Inklings is at an end! Let’s hope the thaw reaches the rest of the state soon.

In summary, our trip was wonderful. It came and went much too quickly! The girls generally boil the whole thing down to favorite rides: expedition everest, big thunder railroad, dumbo, and the little mermaid. I emerged from that world constructed entirely by the Disney Imagineers with only a few tips for fellow travelers.

  • Leave room in your planning for child-led decisions, it is for them that we (or at least I) choose this destination in the first place. The girls derailed my intention to avoid all costume-wearing staff members…. As it turns out, meeting the princesses was one of the big highlights of their trip! Plus, the girls fell in love with some of the smaller rides I might have otherwise avoided. So much of my labored research was unnecessary. It’s a park. With rides. Use fast pass and otherwise wing it! As long as you focus on the fun  you have rather than the potential fun you may be missing, you’ll be fine (there is a life lesson in there somewhere too, I think).
  • Celebrate the Magic, the evening show at the castle, is worth the long day! It was absurdly moving, listening to all of those kids-  including my two… okay, yes, me too –  belt out Let it Go and dozens of of other classic songs, all while the castle glowed like a nuclear rainbow.
  • Escape for the beach. Even if it seems like a hassle. Even if your side trip ends in a race back to an Orlando urgent care, the two hour drive to the West Coast is worth it. For us Minnesotans, at a time when our 10,000 lakes are frozen solid, the beach feeds the soul like nothing else.
  • Finally, if possible, travel with witty women who know how to laugh at and enjoy the chaos of family travel. We all had a great time, and just maybe, we’ve earned a ladies’ trip to a more serene destination – sans kiddos – to reflect on all the fun we had! (I’m free next February everybody!)

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