Charolotte’s Walden

When I shared my plan to discover a place part Walden and part Charlotte’s Webb, I encountered a few skeptics. Now that spring has awoken our new landscape, our first true spring here, I can tell the doubters we’re living the combination.

 The funny thing is, everyone assumes the move was for the kids. To be sure, the kids are happy here. Elliot thanks us almost weekly (almost always through a covering of mud)  for giving her the woods to explore. Maya is continuously planning to welcome new creature friends just as soon as the barn is built. Max, he’ll never know life in the inner burbs. He’ll be native to the song of the frogs in the air and flight of the cranes over his playhouse.

 The truth is, this place isn’t for them – not exclusively. Joe and I have to elbow each other out of the way to do the chicken chores. We race the kids to the woods when our work is done. Often when it isn’t.

I get just as wet and muddy as Elliot, hunting tadpoles in the pond or tracking racoons beside the creek.

It is wonderful knowing that a free weekend might land us at a wonderful, new Minneapolis restaurant or a museum down town. We’re still within striking distance. In between times, we’re home, exactly where we planned to be.

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