Interview with the Birthday Girl!

It’s time again for my annual interview with Elliot Rose, now seven-years-old. She continues to amaze us with her recycle-bin inventions, her almost meditative need to move ( mostly swinging for hours after school or dancing in the basement), and the way she toggles between thoughtful sweetheart and a giggly entertainer.
This girl couldn’t be more thrilled by all of the attention from her birthday. My tender-hearted girl extended (forged) extra invitations for anyone who asked for one, so the crowd was a little bigger than I expected! Between the bounce house (a new birthday staple, given how much fun our little family had in it after the guests went home!), the sandbox volcano (oh how I love vinegar and baking soda), and the dino scavenger hunt, everyone had a great time. 
Then there are the birthday extras that last all week; treats at school, hot chocolate with breakfast, cards and gifts appearing sporadically. It’s an epic celebration of seven years with our girl.
Loving her (self-designed) dinosaur volcano cake! Notice the volcano supplies in the background? We used every drop!
1. What are your favorite things to do? 
Well I love to color and I love to paint and I love to swing and play. And I also love to catch frogs!

2. What do you like to eat?Chocolate fondue, vanilla wafers, and strawberries.

3. What do you dislike eating?

I don’t like eating Brussels sprouts, and I do not like over cooked broccoli or old raisins on the ground.

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a big-hearted family person.
Mom says: “awww. she’s been listening!”

5. What will you do on your birthday?

Found dinosaur bones, ate cake, made volcanoes, bounced in a bouncy castle….

6. Who is in your family?

Maya, Max, Joe, Sarah, Elliot, chickens, Monkey, and Scout

7. What is your favorite color?Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

8. What is your favorite toy and why?

A giant huskey named Sparky because it’s big and fluffy.

My least favorite toy is a coffee cup. 

9. Who is your best friend?

Nathan, Rowan, Zoe, Taylor F., and Taylor P. 
Mom says: Maya too, but Elle wouldn’t add her since she’s already listed as family). 

10. What is your favorite thing to wear?

What I’m wearing right now.

11. What is your favorite television show? Movie?

Horseland,even though I never watch. Movie…. Barbie: a pony tale.

12. What is your favorite song?

Classic by MKTO.

13.  What is the best thing someone could give you?A kiss on the cheek.

14. If you could go anywhere in the world to visit, where would you go?

Florida… Disney World, I mean.

15. What is one new thing you would like to try this year?

Riding a horsey bareback.

16. What do you like about first grade?

It’s awesome! I have the best teacher!!17. Finish this sentence: the most important thing about Elliot is….

 She never stops catching frogs.

Dad says….. how caring she is.
Maya says…. she doesn’t want to get rid of her barbies.
Max says… something…. sandwich….. and rainbow.
Mom says… that she’s my snuggler, and I’m so glad she hasn’t grown out of that!

I’ve meant to make a tradition of interviewing our sweet birthday girl, but I haven’t been as consistent as I would have liked. Still you can see her birthday through the years here:

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