Simple Joy Sunday: still points

The first full week back after any vacation feels full, heavy.

By Thursday night, all five of us were pushing great weights uphill just to keep our eyelids open. It’s no wonder we all slept in on Saturday morning. (Slept in! do any of you remember the years upon years when our kids insisted on awaking before six all. the. time!)

We were so worn out, Joe and I even canceled our babysitter for Saturday night. Sacrilege, I know. After the chaos of commuting into the city all week (him) and juggling the off-kilter chaos of work, school volunteering, and kid schedules (me), we were so sick of planning and preparing that when we couldn’t immediately come up with a fun idea for date night, we just put on pajamas and gave up for the day.

Let me tell you, yesterday was the best day, ever! Not glamorous or particularly worthy of a shout  out to the world. Just gloriously unscheduled and restorative.

SJS jenga (2)I apologize for the fuzzy, less-than-ideal photographs, but that moment was the moment I wanted to capture, simple and brimming with joy. Joe and I were playing jenga, on the piano bench (notice the wine glasses? brave, aren’t we!), because that’s where the kids had started it. While we played, the kids began a new game with our 86-pound dog, part hide-and-seek and part tag. The four of them ran a circuit through our house, giggling, shrieking, barking, pig tails and popcorn flying, tails wagging, feet in footy-pajamas sliding on the tiles.

Instead of bundling up and demanding a little (not undeserved) grown-ups-only time, there we sat, in the heart of the chaos, the still point, watching the world and the chaos orbiting around us, grateful for this moment of pause before we jump back into the fray of another full week.

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