Simple Joy Sundays: Partners, Playmates, Sisters, Spies

Sure, they bicker from time to time. And I will admit to the occasional shriek of, “Be nice to your sister, she’s the only one you get!” More often than not, these girls are a duo as loyal, creative, and likely to make a mess as Lucy and Ethel.

They’ve joined forces to protest their piano lessons lately, but when they finally recognized that Joe and I aren’t backing down, they gave each other a leg up on. Here’s Big Sis helping Little Miss make it through a rough stretch.

IMG_8501Still sharing a room, they’ve created a roommate contract regarding the care and keeping of their furry (stuffed) cohabitants.  You should see the elaborate amounts of time they spend tucking in their menagerie of stuffies at night (take heart, those of you who’ve impulsively bought my girls a stuffed animal you were sure they’d never play with).

They even smuggled a couple of friends in for pajama day at school!IMG_8602

Though tension arises from time to time, it’s heart warming to watch them back each other up at the slightest sign of outside injustice or threat.

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