Simple Joy Sundays: My Big, Big Friend

It’s been a busy week, and this little guy has trooped along at my side every step of the way. True, I’ve relaxed iPad rules to keep his spirits high during excessive waiting spells, but even accounting for that, he’s been a champ.

And together we’ve had a few beautiful pauses from the chaos along the way.

Like the moment he realized he could feed the chickens right from his hand, as long as he sat still.

max adventures (4)And the moment he reluctantly accompanied me into Minnesota’s oldest public library in lovely downtown Taylors Falls. He was reluctant because the little library is adjacent to his favorite coffee house (kid coffee comes with piles of whipped cream, his obsession!). I was excited because the library is open about 16 minutes each week, and this is the first time I’ve been their during that limited window. Gorgeous old books, original book shelves from the 1800s, and a fellow book enthusiast greeted me inside. Well worth the stop, even if it delayed kid coffee for a few minutes.

max adventures (1)If you asked Max, his favorite mini-vacation from our many real-life obligations this week was our lunch at the diner. He and I never eat out just the two of us. I think we both felt like kings. French fries? Yes! Extra ketchup? Yes, yes! We stopped just short of pie, but only because dessert Friday was just around the corner.

max adventures (2)max adventures (3)I’m so grateful for my infinite ability to put the to-do list on hold in favor of much need moments of pause.

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