Simple Joy Sundays: Gatherings & Suspended Time

Almost everything worth doing is imbued with absurdly comical contradictions.

Take the joy of family gatherings, as an example.

I rush around preparing – whether I’m hosting or traveling to an event. I spend days feeling rather stressed and scrambling to complete all that needs doing.

IMG_9111Then the event arrives and time just, stops. The scrambling shifts from frenetic preparations to spirited child’s play or jovial reconnecting. The food is plentiful and indulgent, the wine flows freely, and all non-essential responsibilities are suspended.


That rhythm of rushed preparation and relaxed mindfulness is the primary characteristic of my life these days. Looking ahead to the summer schedule, this rhythm is likely to carry on for quite a while. The question is, how do I imbue more of my daily responsibilities with mindfulness and temper the chaos in between these suspended, special moments?

IMG_9165 IMG_9152

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