Simple Joy Sunday: A Resting Place

Life with a young family is perpetual motion with no discernible progress.

Revision: life in general sometimes feels like perpetual motion with no progress. Like traveling toward distant mountains, seemingly so close, but continuously receding as you move forward.
IMG_9228Truly, this isn’t a complaint, merely an observation. Most days,  the bustle and  chaos of keeping everyone fed, engaged, heard, hugged, and read to is fulfilling and – improbable as it sounds – invigorating, if exhausting.

But there are those days, usually they travel in groups, that sweep over me in a gust of defeat. To be constantly busy, turning in circles to be sure everything that needs doing is done, is tiring in and of itself. But to awake each day facing the same obstacle course can wear a person down.
Laundry. Life coaching little people. Shouts of “don’t jump over the furniture” or “stop swatting your brother on the behind.” Scrambling to complete work projects or revise new aspects of Do we really need to eat dinner again tonight?IMG_9199Joe and I were lucky enough – thanks to a major career milestone for him, and the loving, energetic childcare of willing grandparents (thanks, mom!)  – to slip away for a few days. We’ve hiked the mountains of North Georgia. We’ve enjoyed indulgent meals, and unexpected connections with kind strangers.

And we’ve rested.
IMG_9216A good respite puts everything into perspective. Stepping back, it’s much easier to see how far my daily labors have brought our little family. We’re closer to those foothills than ever before. And – my, oh my – we’ve all undergone some amazing transformations since I last sat down.

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