Treat Yourself

I’ve just spent three days at a luxurious resort, spa, and winery, listening to encouragements from my conference-attending partner to treat myself to whatever suits my fancy.

And I did. It was sound advice. I did not, however, while away the hours with massages and facials, the herbal linen wrap with hydrating hair masque, or the winery harvest crush scrub with a vichy shower upgrade(what?). I didn’t even lose myself with a good book by the (too-cold-to-swim-in) pool. Well, not more than two hours anyway.

As it turns out, if you give me unlimited free time and space, I’ll spend it the way I’ve spent it since my earliest memories. Writing or wandering around outside.

In three days I’ve torn apart my frankenstein of a first draft novel, spent hours running and walking in the woods with a notebook, and with the help of that movement, along with a great deal of coffee, reassembled the beast into a story that holds together. A story I might even enjoy rewriting.

I’ve also listened to some amazing interviews with writers and poets, folk singers, and my favorite radio personality, Krista Tippet. I can’t imagine a better way to refill my spiritual cup or restore my sense of self.

That said, with one more afternoon and evening before heading back to the land of my lovely children and our beautiful, messy, raucous life, I’m off to be girly, with my guy. We’ll spa together for a bit, then spend the evening celebrating the culmination of his many years of exam-taking.

What a treat!

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