Simple Joy Sundays: Mother’s Day of Rest

I love this quote. The original pinspiration, in needlepoint, yellowed a bit from the decades it sat in my grandmother’s home. Mothers day 2015 (1)I also love this snippet of poetry Elliot wrote while we waited for our Mother’s Day brunch to arrive at Eichtens.

Mothers day 2015 (7)I do that sometimes, or rather she and I do that together. We take a break from the real world to find frogs. It’s restful for us both.

A rest and a nap defined this day. It was glorious. We found several gems at the local pottery tour. I read and napped in the hammock. Then, when the rain came down, we all raced inside for pajamas and a movie.

Mothers day 2015 (2)For the first time in weeks, I hushed the multi-tasking dictator that whispers incessant suggestions for wringing more productivity out of each day. It was glorious!

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