A Beginning

Last Thursday, we kicked off the start of summer with dinner down by the fire pit. We’ll eat there as often as the mosquitoes (and scary wasps!) will allow this summer.

Turtle watch 2015 (2)This little nature refuge we’re calling home (like those of our neighbors in this lovely corner of the world, I’m sure) is simply humming with life right now. We fully expected to spend our meal marveling at the butterflies and bumble bees and the deer duo that has begun running laps in our prairie (well, prairie-to-be, currently weed) trails.

We didn’t expect to serve as a family of dulas for this momma turtle. Sure, she may have dampened my appetite a bit. But what a fascinating moment to witness as six eggs dropped into her nest. We cheered her on as she tucked them in over the course of an hour. We covered her nest with patio furniture to keep the dog away. And we bid her well as she raced off into the tall grass.

Turtle watch 2015 (3)Finally, we added something new to the summer calendar. Turtle watch: July 9th. With luck, and some persistent observation, we may get to see the hatchlings.

Our summer calendar may look a bit full, but everything on it – like this turtle watch – is something we are eagerly anticipating. Bring on the heat, the freedom, and the memories.

How I love the glorious beginning of summer!Turtle watch 2015 (1)

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