The Lazy Days

Is laziness really so wrong? The cult of busy would have us believe so. The compulsion of modern society to make.every. moment. count. transforms everyday life into a sheer act of will and endurance.

It’s challenging to find a quote in praise of laziness, but the truth is, interspersed with curiosity and the pursuit of meaningful work, laziness, or more accurately lazy days, are essential to filling up your creative reserves. Or at least, my creative reserves.

We all need time to let our minds wander, to let our bodies nap or  run or swing or munch strawberries fresh from the garden.

strawberriesThis week, the strawberries are ripening so fast, we can practically watch them. Each day is a new harvest.

Yesterday, we were lazy. Which isn’t to say we did nothing at all. We simply filled up our cups.

max on tire swing (1)

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