For the Planners

I love a good plan. And I love those moments when organically deviating from a plan leads to something unexpectedly better.

invention day (5)   I made an extensive bucket list for our family’s summer plans. It includes big plans (family road trips and camping trips), silly theme days (like inventors day and move makers day), acts of kindness, and smaller traditions.

Yesterday was Invention Day. On our Summer Bucket List, it was meant to include such events as invent an outfit, invent a meal and swap with your siblings, use the inventors box (recyclables and duct tape) to create something new, and  invent an animal (create its habitat, write a story about it, and/or make a movie about it). invention day (2)

In implementation, Invention Day became something totally different. I didn’t see the kids for at least an hour after I told them my plan. They scattered and invented business instead. Both girls created pet shops with their stuffies, including signage, care instructions, and advertisements. I helped them invent a (snack-based) currency. Max spent a ton of time building with the recyclables and the duct tape. invention day (4)

Later, we invented a water-based obstacle course, perfect for this first hot day of the summer. At the end of the day, they asked if we could have another inventors day soon. Ha! That seems to be code for, make things up. The kids just needed the nudge of a plan, and off they went to create a new world. invention day (1)

I’ll happily give them another nudge today. I will standby with the duct tape and a plan for those moments when imagination wanes.

And as I type away in the early morning on a personal writing project, I find my outline no different than our summer plans. The outline is a jumping off place, an invitation to create, a map… but I bring the make believe, and the duct tape

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