max the hikerThis guy likes to move. REALLY move!

We were reading together a few days ago – perfect, pre-K reading with funny voices in a giggly story – when he jumped up and told me: “I can’t be still anymore. It hurts my body.”

So he’s not often still.

His go to move, his favorite activity really, is climbing. Or jumping. Both actually. Wherever we are, he manages to climb up the nearest high thing. Then he jumps off. No really, his favorite jumping locale is my garden fence. Or maybe halfway up the basement stairs.

Show him a large rock, anything bigger than knee high, and he’s in heaven. Climb. Jump. Climb. Jump. “Hey mom, watch my jumping powers!” Climb. Jump.

Imagine his joy when we showed up at Interstate Park yesterday for a hike.

The big yellow chair (Life is Great on Highway 8) was a hit. (Okay, so the awesome picture below doesn’t not show his joy… just his consternation that the big girls are on his favorite perch… forgive him, he was at the end of his hike!).yellow chair (1)

The hike, 3.5 miles of stairs and rocks and gorgeous river overlooks, made his day. Terrified me from time to time. But his sisters helped me keep him safe. And Mr. Almost 4 kept right up with his five-year-old buddy, two seven-year-olds, and two ten-year-olds. Our hikersSo maybe he needed a piggyback ride at the very end, but this momma is happy to steal a snuggle in those moments when his energy finally runs out and his body will be still, even if it’s just for a moment or two.

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