Simple Joy Sundays: The Cats of Tanglewood Forest

Allow me to introduce you to the newest residents of Tanglewood.


Little Anne Shirley (I’m stunned by how few people recognize the reference!) stole our hearts during a coffee date this week. Though I knew we would play with the many kittens on our friends farm, I did not intend to bring one home. Then we met Anne. She’s beautiful and spectacularly well-named given our current storybook-in-progress. Plus, we are very close to having a barn in need of a good mouser. As little Miss likes to say, Tanglewood isn’t so very different from Green Gables.

When two big-eyed girls asked if we could take her home, who was I to stand in their way?

And who was I to say no the next morning when one big-eyed little sister made the case for adopting a playmate for Anne. She’s lonely. She’s used to having a brother or sister to snuggle. And I would be so much more responsible if I had my own kitten.

IMG_3132Introducing Peeta (temporarily Ron Weasly, he’s now been re-named after a favorite character from The Hunger Games). He’s brave, he’s a natural climber, and he’s great at showing our big dog that kittens don’t make interesting snacks.

Extra kitty acquisitions are one of the many joys of country living. They’ll have a critical job in the barn. And they bring a smile to everyone’s face (well, perhaps not Scout’s).

Just look at the next storybook we’ll be reading together: The Cats of Tanglewood Forest.   It found it’s way into the girls bedroom as if by fairy magic.

What  joy!cats of tanglewood

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