Simple Joy Sundays: The Gift of Time

This  weekend spilled over with time. Much need time to connect. Time to rest. Time to turn buckets and buckets of homegrown apples into sauce and syrup and apple butter.

Time has sloshed over the edges of our days in dreamy waves of morning snuggles. It has unfurled itself in a bright ribbon of meandering walks. Time has snapped and sparked in our much-used fire pit and floated away in billowing embers, like fireworks in the starry fall sky.

Last week’s melancholy evaporated amid the arid necessity of getting on with things. In it’s place was the happy hum of routine, the productivity of the first week of school. Lunches packed. Homework checked. Days summed up over family dinner.

In contrast, this luxurious over-abundance of weekend time has been our gift to ourselves. We’ve gone full hermit over here, my friends.

It has been a long time since I’ve gone full hermit, once a relatively frequent necessity in the overwhelming throes of new parenthood. We haven’t guarded weekends this closely since before we moved to the country.

Since, let’s face it, the last time Joe worked five days a week in an office.

I spend greater-than-average effort evaluating the way I budget my time. Perhaps its my inner economics major standing up for my inner philosopher poet. Or maybe it’s the only trick I have to keep the demands of my quirky, introverted self satisfied.

Whatever the reason, when I spy an imbalance, I clear some time and start anew.

How we spend our time is how we value our life. I say it over and over on DGT, live your values – act with intention – proceed with purpose. Do you believe in living a compassionate live? Practice compassion, daily. Do you believe in spending meaningful time with those you love? Don’t relegate them to bed times and the occasional carpool conversation.

The last few weekends, we’ve found our center. Or I have. Time alone with Max all week was lovely. Over the weekend, I surprised my astonishing girls with one-on-one dates, giving them time of their own to let their inner selves sparkle.

Joe’s new position makes time more scarce than ever for him, but we carved out every scrap we could. We connected.

I do love when we become hermits, together.

Always, the time we give one another is a gift. Weekends like this are both a gift, and an opportunity to look with fresh eyes on everything we hope to add back to the calendar.

Brief stints of hermit life refresh us for the frenzied parade that is family life. We just needed a moment to come back to one another. To hear each other speak.

And we needed to take a good look at time -how we spend it, how we waste it, and whether there’s room for a quick nap- before we open ours back up to the world at large.

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