Simple Joy Sundays: Contented Kittens

In the spirit of sharing my wonder over everyday blessings, let me tell you how our Santa letters went this year.

Maya (out of the blue and fully aware of Santa’s current address): Let’s write our letters to Santa!

Elliot (gathering crafting supplies): I don’t know what I need. Just a fish maybe.

Max: My friend T is sick. I think Santa should bring him extra presents to make him feel better.

Maya: And E is sick too, let’s ask him to bring stuff for them.

Elliot: I bet Santa’s really busy, how does he have time to read all of these letters? Maybe we should get him a gift instead of cookies?

Maya: We already have new kittens, that’s all I wanted this year. Can we put our kittens in a our stocking and take a picture?

While I prepared dinner, the kids launched their own letter-writing campaign for Santa, partly on behalf of their friends. The requests they made for themselves involved, almost exclusively creatures for the barn (pigs, horses) or their bedrooms (fish, hamsters) or their magical imaginations (unicorn?). I won’t lie, I have no idea how Santa will fulfill any of their wishes, but watching my three little kittens think through their wish list and settle on wishing good things for others was incredibly gratifying.

The actual kittens, on the other hand, weren’t thrilled about the stocking situation!

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