About Me

Sarah - Everyday Inklings
Sarah, frequent hiker, would-be farmer, recreational writer, and lover of child’s play.

If you’ve stumbled onto Inklings, it’s likely that you know me, my family, and our exceptionally ordinary life. Or perhaps you’re a writing enthusiast I’ve bumped into elsewhere on the web.

However you’ve found me, welcome.

I champion mindfulness, gratitude, and intentional living here and through the blog and content I create for Doing Good Together™. Watch for a new post once or twice each week – occasionally every day when I’m feeling inspired. With each piece, I strive to gain perspective and wisdom (maybe even a little humor) from everyday happenings.

2016 PhotosMy humble life is remarkable only in its simplicity. I married my high school sweetheart. I spend my time parenting (and playing, learning, and experimenting with) three little ones who are growing up too quickly, becoming inspiring individuals all their own.

Nearly three years ago, we moved to the country, transforming twenty acres of pasture into an in-progress hobby farm.

In 2016, I’ll be writing about our efforts to

  • put up fencing around our new barn
  • welcome new animals to Tanglewood
  • spiritually – though not religiously –  homeschool the kids

2015-08-04_1438649146Follow me if you’re interested in keeping up with the goings on of my family, as we grow our hobby farm, wander the woods, and generally strive for mindfulness, simplicity, and joy amid the necessary rituals of everyday life.